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My focus is on understanding the logic of work in the context of Western capitalist democracies. At a time where more than 70% of jobs are in the service industry, gaining a better understanding of the logic of work from the perspective of those who perform it seems a crucial, pressing task. The way we understand work has an immense impact on the way it is managed, as well as on the way firms are governed. My decade-long research into this topic has led me to explore the different dimensions of what I call the ‘capitalism/democracy contradiction’; that is, the potential problems that arise when we organize our economy along capitalist lines while nurturing the democratic political ideal of equality for all. I study both normative and efficiency issues raised by this contradiction, combining empirical and sociological research with political theory. I am committed to helping address the current economic and democratic crisis, and, at an academic level, to making a contribution to the critical political sociology of the economy.

My last book is out in French at les PUF, Paris : Gouverner le capitalisme? Pour le bicamérisme économique.